Ep.7 – You’re Welcome


Chuck & Joe bring you the seventh episode of Just the Tips: A Menmoir. In Ep.7 we bring to you the final episode of the holiday specials – giving New Years a proper roasting. We know you’ll love the holiday gift(s) and cheer we shared with one of our longtime friends. It’s a treeeeeat.

Shout out to our sponsors: Lizzy’s Tree Removal Service, and Skin Tone Snuggies

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I. Show ID & Music

  • Voice by Chuck
  • Beats by Stankbeast – catch him on Instragram here

II. Introduction

  • Welcome back

III.  Segment I: New Years Eve – An Evening With Chuck and Joe

  • It was trash. But it was great and the hens loved it

IV. Sponsor I: Lizzy’s Tree Removal

  • She *gonna* fuck us up

V. Segment II: The Gift

  • Now she knows *why* she gonna fuck us up

VI. Sponsor II: Skin Tone Snuggies

  • They are probably gross

VII. Outro/End

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