Ep.10 – Sweatin’ to the Oldies

In this episode Chuck & Joe are introducing a slight tweak to the format to bring you a little more of our fuckery per episode. We take on the Pooping Bandit from Tim Horton’s, and a Men’s Health story about how Joe met his father in law. The guys go on to bring to you the second coming of We Got Jokes (don’t try this at home), and a Mailbag segment from a listener in San Antonio, TX. Shout out to Wayne! Enjoy y’all selves.

Facebook/Twitter/Snapchat: @menmoirs

IG: @therealmenmoirs

I. Show ID & Music

  • Voice by Chuck
  • Beats by Stankbeast – catch him on Instragram here

II. Introduction/Men’s Health

  • We back talkin about Tim Horton’s poops and an introduction to Joe’s father in law

III.  Sponsor I: Association of Collaborative Cooperation

  • Keeping kids parent free since 2006

IV. Segment I: Mailbag – Wayne

  • How to get out of getting caught lookin at these cakes

V. Sponsor II: Wade’s Boat, RV, and Tractor Trailer Depot

  • Wade likes dudes

VI. Segment II: We Got Jokes

  • Don’t ever do this

VII. Outro

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