Ep.13 – Duties as Assigned

The guys bring you another fire episode featuring an interview with singer/songwriter Miguel Melgoza! Miguel’s a longtime friend and former colleague at a classified and undisclosed location. Find Miguel on iTunes, Spotify, and at: miguelmelgoza.com.

Follow Chuck & Joe down memory lane, and enjoy another episode full of stories and find out just how lite Joe really is, how to use a sledgehammer to start your VW Bug, what going Gorilla Style means, how to safely perform Fire & Ice, Joe’s slight fascinations, how Joe ended up naked in Miguel’s bed, cock socks, motorcycle grip screwdrivers, and more in “Living with Joe” – a segment reliving all of Miguel’s worst adult memories.

The memories continue when Miguel recounts some of the stories from when the guys all worked in the same office. This segment features burnt out ice cream trucks, 70s sexual Narnias, diverse gladiators, North Korean labor camps, the Cooperstown of Wigs, memory dust, black Olive Oyls, Mexican Popeyes, 5th Element hairpieces, glitter wigs, and Black Johnny Bravo in “Working with the Guys” – everyone’s dream job.

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I. Show ID & Music

  • Voice by Chuck
  • Beats by Stankbeast – catch him on Instragram here

II. Introduction/Segment I: Meet Miguel

  • He’s kind of a big deal

III.  Sponsor I: Freddy’s Auto Shop

  • A longtime sponsor and shit still ain’t ready

IV. Segment II: Living with Joe 

  • Poor Miguel

V. Sponsor II: Cedar Wood Gimp Boxes

  • Barry has a new favorite violation station

VI. Segment III: Working with the Guys

  • Counterproductivity at its fines

VII. Outro

  • Don’t forget to check out twitter for:
    @menmoirs (that’s us!)
    @NSFWPodNetwork: A network of NSFW podcasts
    @HTNOS: #NoOffenseShow podcast
    @OCDiscussions: Off Color Discussions podcast






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