Ep.16 – Hunting Grounds

Celebrate sweet 16 with Chuck & Joe as they bring you an exclusive behind the scenes look at one of the world’s oldest conspiracy theories, and a discussion about the future of sex. Follow along as the guys talk mini Lane Bryants, rugged bitches, washable vaginas and robohoes powered by pettiness.


Facebook/Twitter/Snapchat: @menmoirs

IG: @therealmenmoirs

Web: www.menmoirs.men

Check the guys out on the @NSFWPodcastNetwork (on twitter using #NSFWPod)

I. Show ID & Music

  • Voice by Chuck
  • Beats by Stankbeast – catch him on Instragram here

II. Introduction

  • You missed us

III.  Sponsor I: Red Tag Clearance Racks

  • Sad bitches be needing ’em

IV. Segment I: Hunting Grounds

  • They out here volunteering for duty

V. Sponsor II: Wade’s Low Budget Sex Bots

  • He fucks ’em too

VI. Segment II: Sex Bots

  • Robo hoes be lit

VII. Outro

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