S2 Ep.5 – American Slacker

Here is a surprise “April Fools” episode featuring the American Slacker podcast. Check out their show notes below:

April Fools bitches! Check out this swapcast that we did with Jesse and Matt from the American Slacker podcast. Thanks for the opportunity fellas and check out their show notes for more on this episode!


EP142- Accidental Samurai Circumcision

On this April Fool’s themed episode of American Slacker hosts Matthew and Jesse discuss this week’s bizarre news including American cannabis trends, abusive flatulence, cheeseburger assault, a skateboard samurai, how to choose the right body for your head, accidental circumcision and the funny clip of the week. Then the hosts review and suggest two comedies, Tag and Big Bear. The show wraps up with a Prank Ranking Game where Matt and Jesse talk about past pranks and determine the best of the bunch.

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Check out the American Slacker Podcast Website, Facebook Page, American Slackers Group, InstagramYoutube and Twitter. Music & theme song “American Slacker” provided by Haverland.

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