S2 Ep.7 – The Cluckening

First thing first – the show has a new name, new music, updated logo, and are founding members of the Veterans Podcast Network – check us out under the new #VetPods! To celebrate this next step in the evolution of the show the fellas present this very special episode.

After months of attempts Chuck & Joe FINALLY get their wives to come onto the show. They talk about friendships and life in their 30s and go over the podcast from the beginning up to now and discuss how accurate the show has been. You may be surprised to hear what they have to say as they clap back at the guys over the past year and a half of nonsense! Enjoy the show!

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S2 Ep.6 – Low Budget Trail Mix

Catch up with the fellas as they turn the college admission scandal on its ear, kids with iPads, and relatable Peloton rage. You’ll also hear shout outs to Real Porno Plots Podcast, The Smokers Lounge 420, #WayneFromSanAntonio, and more!

The guys wrap it up with the clusterfuck that was his most recent birth story – you will not want to miss this! Check out the new intro, new ad, and as always – we rep the NSFW Podcast Network! #NSFWPod

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S2 Ep.5 – American Slacker

Here is a surprise “April Fools” episode featuring the American Slacker podcast. Check out their show notes below:

April Fools bitches! Check out this swapcast that we did with Jesse and Matt from the American Slacker podcast. Thanks for the opportunity fellas and check out their show notes for more on this episode!


EP142- Accidental Samurai Circumcision

On this April Fool’s themed episode of American Slacker hosts Matthew and Jesse discuss this week’s bizarre news including American cannabis trends, abusive flatulence, cheeseburger assault, a skateboard samurai, how to choose the right body for your head, accidental circumcision and the funny clip of the week. Then the hosts review and suggest two comedies, Tag and Big Bear. The show wraps up with a Prank Ranking Game where Matt and Jesse talk about past pranks and determine the best of the bunch.

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Check out the American Slacker Podcast Website, Facebook Page, American Slackers Group, InstagramYoutube and Twitter. Music & theme song “American Slacker” provided by Haverland.

S2 Ep.3 – On Brand

Chuck & Joe take you back on memory lane as they talk to you about their earliest memories of being #OnBrand. Listen to Chuck’s thievery and Joe’s penchant for crying! Joe’s youngest son makes a special appearance chasing white women in the so-called “Happiest Place on Earth” – we’ll drop that name when we get the sponsorship check!

Enjoy the episode and as always we rep the NSFW Podcast Network.

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S2 Ep.1 – The Halloween Special (2018)

Join Chuck & Joe as they celebrate Halloween just in time for Dia de los Muertos! The guys talk Halloween with the families, haunting stories, and costumes fit for a little giant. And while we can’t express just how much we dislike this “holiday” – we’re getting excited for Pre-Christmas britches!!!!

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Enjoy the bumper from Simmons and Moore Podcast! #SAMPC


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I. Show ID & Music

  • Voice by Chuck
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II. Pre-Show Ad/SAMPC Bumper/Intro

  • We lose at fantasy football. A lot

III. Segment I: Halloween is Terrible

  • But you already knew this, right?

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V. Segment II: Haunting Stories


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VII. Segment III: Costumes

  • Made for a king



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