S2 Ep.6 – Low Budget Trail Mix

Catch up with the fellas as they turn the college admission scandal on its ear, kids with iPads, and relatable Peloton rage. You’ll also hear shout outs to Real Porno Plots Podcast, The Smokers Lounge 420, #WayneFromSanAntonio, and more!

The guys wrap it up with the clusterfuck that was his most recent birth story – you will not want to miss this! Check out the new intro, new ad, and as always – we rep the NSFW Podcast Network! #NSFWPod

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Ep.14 – Honest Lies


Chuck & Joe are back with a brand new segment called “Trophy Husbands” and you already know it’s all facts. After we remind our wives why they’re so lucky, settle in for another helping of a listener favorite: Pet Peeves. Listen as Chuck talks to Joe through one of his biggest triggers: reality TV.

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