Ep.2 – Examinate

The highly anticipated follow up episode of Just the Tips: A Menmoir – the podcast brought to you by co-hosts Chuck & Joe – Ep.2 features our first segments on Men’s Health, and our first Bootleg Movie Reivew.

Just in case it needs to be said, Joe’s 7yo son is a pediatric cancer survivor.

And there’s Chuck’s dad is also a survivor – so we take cancer seriously.

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I. Show ID & Music

  • Voice by Chuck
  • Beats by Stankbeast – catch him on Instragram here

II. Introduction


III. Sponsor: Lonely Ass Ex’s

  • They be crying at the house and shit.

IV. Segment: Men’s Health

  • We teach you how to dodge potential obstacles, pick the right provider, and get your mind right around one of the most sensitive topics a man can discuss.

V. Sponsor: Tortilla-less Tacos

  • It’s just meat in your hand.


VI. Segment: Bootleg Movie Review – The Foreigner w/ Jackie Chan

  • Caution: This segment contains *spoilers* so don’t cry about it later.